Terrorist attacks bring physical security into sharp focus

London based secure glazing and counter-terror buildings specialist, Advanced Glass Technology (AGT), is urging major businesses operating in heavily populated areas across the UK to review their security risk management strategy, in response to the terrorist atrocities in Paris.

AGT has spent the past 7 years working to protect buildings and personnel in the Middle East and Africa as well as the UK, and as such are regarded as the specialists in high end glazing protection, anchoring systems and catch cable technology.

Martin Westney, Managing Director of AGT, said:

“In the wake of such dreadful terrorist attacks, we would recommend that businesses undertake a threat and vulnerability assessment, as part of a wider review of their security. This would help to identify any additional risks that they may be exposed to and determine what action needs to be taken to mitigate those risks. From our experience of working in London in recent years, levels of physical protection within many large employers are woefully inadequate.”

Whilst unlikely that specific commercial organisations would be at direct risk of being targeted, AGT advises that employers in dense urban areas should be aware of their proximity to potential high-risk areas, such as visitor attractions and city landmarks, for example.

AGT are specialists in the retro-fitment of BSEN and GSA-approved anti-shatter security film, window frame anchoring systems and ballistic-proof doors and walling, for commercial and residential buildings. Advances in new construction materials have made the process of installation quicker, easier and more cost-effective, which ensured the optimum solution for any type of building.

Martin Westney, Managing Director, AGT, explains:

“A bomb attack near to or outside of business premises would have a significant impact on its ability to function, if at all. We would also recommend that companies look at their business continuity plan and communication strategy for the workforce so as not to put them at further risk in such an incident. A test of emergency security procedures should also happen at least once a year.”

Continued Westney:

“Having worked for many multi-national corporations across the Middle East and Africa in protecting building assets, AGT provides significant expertise in risk mitigation and injury prevention. In light of heightened threat levels, UK companies employing large numbers of office workers should have physical security on their radar.”

AGT’s ISO-approved anti-shatter blast containment film is a multi-laminate polyester membrane that can be applied to any glass surface. It is bonded with an aggressive pressure sensitive adhesive system, which ensures that any broken glass resulting from an impact or explosion adheres to the film.

In line with Home Office guidelines for security grade window film, AGT carries out ‘peel test’ checks post installation, to ensure that the bonding process has been 100% successful and that there is a record of maintenance. To discuss a project and request a quotation, please email sales@agt-int.com

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