Solar Control Films

When the sun shines, heat transmitted through glass can quickly become unbearable. Our solar control films provide an effective barrier to high levels of infrared heat, offering protection against glare, hotspots and uneven temperature variations, by using performance reflectives, subtle neutrals for listed and heritage buildings and the latest Nano technology and ceramic based films for virtually undetectable appearance.

Reduces Energy Costs

AGT’s Solar Control Films significantly reduces the heat caused by the sun on glass and offer a corresponding reduction in air conditioning/cooling costs. With the energy savings it creates, our solar control film can pay for itself within 3 years. It also reduces UV light by 99%, protecting artworks, furniture, carpets and flooring against fading.

Large businesses and public sector organisations now buy allowances to cover their carbon emissions. Our solar control film will enable them to maximise their allowances. All work is guaranteed for up to 10 years.

Improves Productivity

Solar glare and summer heat gain adversely affect staff concentration and productivity.A research study undertaken by Wyon in the USA shows that productivity drops by a massive 40% when the temperature rises from 68° F (the temperature at which productivity is at its highest) by just 7°F to 75°F. By contrast, our solar control film helps maintain productivity at optimum levels.

Enhances Building Appearance

Our solar control film is available in a variety of finishes. An architectural design feature in its own right, it can be used to enhance a company’s corporate identity and create a ‘landmark’ building. It also offers an immediate and cost- effective retro-fit solution, especially when compared with the cost of replacement glazing.

Energy Saving

No running costs. Can pay for itself in 3 years.

Improves Productivity

Helps keep staff working at peak efficiency.

Enhances Status

Clear or tinted for exclusivity and distinction.

Easy To Install

Quick, cost-effective retro-fit solution.


All AGT’s internally fitted solar films are guaranteed against, delamination, cracking, fading or adhesive failure for a period of 10 years.

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