Anti graffiti film

Anti-graffiti film offers a complete surface protection system for glazed and smooth surfaces that are vulnerable to damage or vandalism.

AGT films block 99% of the sun’s harmful ultra violet light which is the main cause of fading to fixtures, fittings, artwork and furniture behind glass. AGT have fitted its UV film to many museums, stately homes and prestigious private properties.

Anti-Graffiti Film

The crystal clear film acts as a sacrificial layer between the glass and vandal’s instrument. After the material has suffered a trauma, the film can be removed and replaced with a new inexpensive layer of anti-graffiti film.The entire replacement process takes as little as 30 minutes, and at a cost far below replacing glass. Anti- graffiti film can also act as a low level anti-shatter film, holding glass fragments together in the event of breakage.

Additional benefits:

Beyond allowing transit systems to repair defaced glass quickly and inexpensively.

Improves safety by binding dangerous glass shards together should a window shatter.

Increases durability of glass by preventing the window itself from being damaged – it stops the underlying surface from being defaced.

Protects without obscuring glass clarity – no darkening or “mirroring” effect.

Simplifies maintenance – cleans with soap and water and other ordinary commercial cleaners.

Vandalism is more than just a nuisance and eyesore, it’s also a huge financial drain to public and private budgets.

The cost of repeatedly replacing windows and glass that has been scratched up or marked with spray-paint can end up being prohibitive, not to mention time consuming and disruptive.


All AGT’s internally fitted films are guaranteed against, delamination, cracking or adhesive failure for a period of 10 years.

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