Advanced Glass Technology slams the door on terrorism

With the government stepping up its fight against terrorism, Advanced Glass Technology (AGT) is set to play a large part in this with its blast-resistant walls and doors. AGT provides anti-blast film, security doors and bullet-proof walls to embassy, government, United Nations, corporate, and commercial buildings across the world.

With the increased threat of terrorist attacks, anti-blast walls, doors and windows are becoming a feature of many public buildings across London. Some are built to withstand such attacks – Arsenal’s Emirates stadium, for example – while others have been retrofitted with the latest technology to protect the building itself and the public.

AGT’s security doors can be made to specification and range from anti-attack through to fully bullet proof. With the increased need for this kind of protection, now is the time for businesses to start protecting their buildings, much in the same way the government is doing.

As well as security doors, AGT also offers bullet-resistant board panels for walls. These come in two sizes, offering two levels of protection. The 7mm boards are designed to withstand multiple rounds from 9mm bullets. The 12mm boards are designed to withstand multiple rounds from a range of weapons including: .357 Magnum, .44 Magnum and 12g Solid Slug.

These boards are used to resist the penetration and ricochet effects of ballistic threats and, as they are easy to install, make a quick alternative to traditional solid wall or steel armour constructions.

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